Microsoft Releases Official HealthVault App to the Marketplace

HealthVault is a service provided by Microsoft that allows you to store you and your families important health information in a safe, accessible place. That’s just the basic premise, but there are many more things it can do. To find out more head to

Microsoft has released their very own HealthVault app today so now all your health information is right in your pocket. Now you have quick access to your prescription and insurance information, family emergency data, and chronic conditions.

App description:

Ever wish you could access medical information for yourself and your family right from your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily retrieve your prescription history or quickly look up insurance information at the doctor’s office? You can, using Microsoft HealthVault for Windows Phone.

HealthVault for Windows Phone provides mobile access to the health information in your HealthVault account. Use it to track and manage chronic conditions, enter health data on the fly, and keep family emergency information handy—all on the go!

[ via WMPowerusers]



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