Microsoft Used Unity3D Engine to Create Kinectimals

Microsoft has been caught red handed, but in a rather good way. So far, Silverlight and XNA have been the only platforms allowed for third-party game development on WP7, something that has bothered third-party app developers for a long time. These developers have been petitioning for Unreal Development Kit and Unity3D support for some time, so imagine their surprise when the above tweet announced that Microsoft utilized the Unity3D engine for Kinectimals.

This development clearly shows that it is possible to use Unity3D in the WP7 environment for producing graphically intensive cross-platform games, but it is something that Microsoft has kept closed. With this revelation, many developers are hoping that Microsoft will allow Unity3D platform development for WP7. Whether this will become a reality remains to be seen. If you have high hopes for quality gaming on a WP7 device, this is definitely good news.

[via WMPowerUser]

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