Minecraft-clone Craftworld Now Available on WP7

Feeling left out as a Windows Phone user now that both Android and iOS have Minecraft: Pocket Edition to play around with? Never fear, because the first round of Minecraft clones has arrived for WP7. Craftworld not so shamelessly takes the gameplay formula that made Minecraft so popular and makes it available for WP7 users, which is a surprisingly more complete experience than Minecraft’s own mobile edition.

Craftworld focuses on the survival aspect that made Minecraft popular, where players build up a base during the day by crafting various items, spelunking for minerals, and fighting monsters for resources. Minecraft’s current mobile offering is simply a multiplayer creative mode with no real goals. For that reason alone Craftworld is more complete than Minecraft and could be worth checking out if you’re a fan of the sandbox/digital Lego genre.

You can find Craftworld on the Windows Marketplace for $1.49. Getting in on the game while it is still in alpha development seems to be a wise decision, since the official market page states that the game will go up in cost with each incremental release.

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