ChevronWP7 Back Up With Tokens Available and Some Changes

ChevronWP7 is the Microsoft certified tool for unlocking your Windows Phone without having to be a developer. Unlocking your phone gives you permission to do things like sideload 3rd party homebrew apps. The service was recently deactivated to prevent an over-selling of tokens. Tokens are what’s needed to actually perform the unlock (1 token = $9, 1 token = 1 unlock).

ChevronWP7 has reopened the service and is ready to sell more tokens. They also have a few changes to announce. First they’ve added a front-facing refund policy. Tokens not eligible for a refund include those involved in retail returns, resale, warranty repair, or theft. Second, they haveĀ rearrangedĀ the unlocking order. Now instead of purchasing the tokens first you download the unlocker and make sure it will work with your phone. This just plain makes sense. I can imagine being pretty upset if I paid $9 for a token and then found out afterwards that it wont work with my phone.

I unlocked my HTC Trophy this morning with the new system and everything went fine. I even succesfully installed the Nokia Drive app.

[via ChevronWP7]

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