More than 3,200 Android Users Complain to Microsoft for a Windows Phone

There is a phenomenon among Android users that even though a lot of people use Android not that many people enjoy it. That tends to happen when your operating system is on almost every cheap smartphone on the market. There is a vocal segment of devout Android users that swear by it, but there is also a large group of people that hate it but couldn’t afford anything else. Microsoft has been trying to cash in on those people with a Twitter contest that seems to be going well.

On Tuesday MS started the #DROIDRAGE Twitter contest for Android users fed up with malware on their phones. All users have to do is send a tweet about why they hate malware on their Android and they could be hooked up with a free Windows Phone. Since Tuesday over 3,200 people have responded with their horror stories. Windows Phone welcomes you with open arms.

[via WMPoweruser]

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