Only 2.2% of UK Smartphone Buyers Plan on Getting the Nokia Lumia 800

An analyst in the UK is warning investors that only 2.2% of smartphone buyers in his survey plan on purchasing a Nokia Lumia 800 in the next 30 days. These numbers are based on 456 smartphone buyers in 5 different UK markets. Based off of these numbers it is estimated that Nokia will sell 800,000 Lumia 800’s in Q4 rather than the predicted 2 million. Although these numbers may seem low they are actually quite higher than the IDC predicted. They only thought 500,000 total Windows Phones would sell in the UK in Q4. So while 2.2% seems like a low number it’s actually quite good for Nokia’s first attempt in Windows Phone. We only hope those numbers can get even better in the U.S.

[via Reuters]

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