Tango Adds Video Voicemail to its Repertoire

Early last month the developers of Tango were the first to bring video messaging to the Windows Phone platform. Even Skype, which Microsoft recently purchased, has not made an appearance despite having more than 300 million users worldwide. The experience provided by Tango is a simple one, with Tango users being able to call one another for free, similar to Skype.

Now the company is starting to offer the first video voicemail service to its 30 million users, which is an impressive feat for a start-up. VentureBeat asked CTO Eric Setton what his plans were for the app in the future and he had this to say:

“We want to see if we can become the place where people can keep important visual moments,”

Video messaging with the service works just like regular voicemail. If your Tango friend doesn’t pick up after you’ve initiated a call, you have an option to record a message for them to watch the next time they’re available. Messages are currently limited to 30 seconds and with all recording done directly on the Tango servers, you won’t have to wait for long upload times.

The app is completely free on the Windows Marketplace, so if you’re itching for video chat, check it out.

[via VentureBeat]

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