Feed Me Developer Removing App From Marketplace

Bad news for those who use feed me as their primary RSS reader. The developer has decided to remove the app from the marketplace within a few days in order to prevent people from downloading it while he is unable to maintain it. He mentions in his post over at WMPowerUser that the removal is only temporary and he hopes to have a new version available before the end of Q1 2012.

Installs on phones won’t be affected of course, but if for some reason you need to reinstall during this period, you will be unable to do so from the market. The developer mentions putting an unsupported beta version up on the market, but as of right now it is only a consideration. Feed me has been available on the app store for around 10 months and has went through several revisions to get to the point where it is now.

With feed me out of the picture and feedly still not making an appearance on the WP7 marketplace, the space innovative for RSS readers just got a little bit bigger.

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