Investment Firm Wants RIM to Adopt WP7

It’s no secret that Research In Motion is in trouble. Its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that was expected to compete well with the likes of the iPad and first-gen Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab and Xoom was little more than a flop. The company has been hemorrhaging marketshare for more than a year now, with various suggestions from stockholders and investment firms to sell out to another company. Now, Evercore, an investment firm, is suggesting that the company dump BlackBerry OS and adopt Windows Phone 7.

Whether or not this would be a viable move for the company remains to be seen, but pulling a Nokia and dropping their proprietary operating system may be the only way for the company to survive in today’s tough market. Palm and HP tried to revamp a losing operating system with WebOS and failed miserably. While Windows Phone doesn’t have the marketshare that both Android and iPhone enjoy, the release of various Nokia phones and increased advertising awareness for the operating system have lead to market growth.

What do you think? Should RIM abandon ship and dump BlackBerry OS? Would you buy a RIM device that sported WP7?

[via WPCentral]


  • Three4thebean

    absolutely the windows phone 7 os offers alot of cool features that are quite similar to what blackberry offers but i think ms should work with RIM to maintain a tight security on the platform in terms of business that way they can have the best of both worlds

  • I think WP7 could definitely replace BlackBerry totally in the business world. Exchange support is there, which most businesses cannot live without. The teen craze that was obsessed with BlackBerry a few years ago has died down, so I feel like the smart move here would be to appeal a line of BlackBerry WP7 devices directly to business owners.

  • User1

    I think RIM shroud really confider adopting wp7, otherwise they’re going down 6feet under. But for me to buy a blackberry running wp7 RIM would have to upgrade their hardware. Big time

  • RIM needs to do something, but this probably isn’t it

  • Janet

    Heck yeah add windows phone 7.5 BlackBerry always sucked and i don’t want get junk iPhone or laggy Android phones. Damn windows phone 7.5 is so awesome. At least the apps are alive on windows phone 7.5 not like Android & iPhone apps are dead & boring.

  • Karl

    Windows phone 7.5 don’t really need upgrade hardware because it fast and fluid which is what great about windows phone 0S. :-D