Sprint to Announce Three Windows Phones in 2012?

The fine folks over at SprintFeed have a nice little rumor for us today. They have it on good authority from their sources that Sprint will be introducing three (3!) new Windows Phone handsets in the first half of 2012. This would really make a lot of sense for Sprint. They are currently stuck between WiMAX and LTE, which puts 4G devices in limbo. “Should I buy this WiMAX device or wait for LTE?” Meanwhile Windows Phone only needs 3G, and Sprint has plenty of that.

More specific details are limited, but they did mention Nokia, Samsung, and HTC as the front runners. Nokia’s upcoming “Operation Rolling Thunder” could include Sprint, and Sammy and HTC are already buddies with the Now Network. We’ll probably see more about this at CES. 2012 is surely set to be the year of Windows Phone.

  • Looking forward to it.

  • Mr. Furious

    This would be the only way I would stay with Sprint. I’ve been considering leaving Sprint for AT&T for a while. This is welcome news if it is true!

  • Anonymous

    Please say its true!!!!!

  • School1012

    With Sprint, I was orginaly on Nextel, and Love the Push to Talk. The big reason why I have not moved to a WP, is because I can not live without Push to talk

  • Anonymous

    >__< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Titan is a pretty amazing phone. I’m with AT&T and I haven’t had any problems. So far they have the best selection of WP7 phones, but that may change. Are you willing to ride it out with AT&T to see what Sprint has in 2012, or switch immediately?

  • Tim

    You people are fools leaving sprint go to Att. Don’t you know Att is a terrible phone service that don’t offer Unlimited data. Good luck paying your big bills when you pass your over the limit data. Hahhaha also yes it is true sprint will be getting 3 awesome windows phone 7.5 phones. I believe it will be HTC, Nokia and Samsung. Yes windows phone is back and better than ever. I am sick tired seeing laggy battery earring malware virus android phone or crappy iPhone 4S which I find is a joke smartphone with dead boring apps.

  • Tim

    yes genius leave art go for sprint. Unless you want pay big bills. Also who cares of titan once sprint gets new windows phone titan will be in the past.

  • Tim

    Lol that a stupid excuse why you won’t go for windows phone. Your missing great fun of windows phone. Besides who wants here you talking on your phone to use push to talk. No privacy at all.

  • jay

    Yes it is True… Since windows phone 7.5 has been getting momentus and awesome reviews since launch of mango. People are finally realize windows phone 7.5 OS is fast and stable and easy to navigate. No problems at all. All fluid and smooth. Sprint is getting so much complaints on android and iPhones and they finally realize windows phone 7.5 has hardly any complaints at all.

  • Janet

    Ck out this cool video I found on the web of windows phone 7.5 in action so cool.

  • Jrp

    Have been waiting on Sprint for a while to release new Windows Phones. Ended up leaving T-Mobile who had the HD7 as front runner and oportunity to avoid AT&T as I simply hate them from previous experience. Now I couldn’t wait any longer and bought the HTC Titan which is definately the king of all Windows Phones. Verizon has simply the best network even if you pay for it but as Sprint no device selection on WP7. Windows is expected to anounce Windows Phone version Tango that is rumored to have LTE support with bigger and bader Snapdragon S2 processors. Hopefully that will get the Windows Phone selection going and those devices will also receive Apollo (Windows Phone 8) later in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Windows Phone already support Snapdragon S2.

    I think you mean Snapdragon S3.

  • School1012

    I use it a lot, have been for the last year. There are so many businesses that still use PPT and will not switch because of this. I personall find PPT far faster and easier then texting. You complain about privacy, I can just mute the speaker and talk as if it was a phone

  • Matty

    This story turned out to be a bust. Sprint has no plans for new WP’s this year. Maybe a ghost model in August. GRR,