Homebrew Folders for Windows Phone 7.5 Gets an Update

One of the most highly requested features in Windows Phone is folders for the start screen. While we’re waiting on Microsoft to officially add them there is a homebrew app that offers pretty much everything you could want in a folder. Windows Phone Hacker has updated the folders app to version 3 with some nice additions. Now you can change the color of the folder live tile to be different from your theme. It’s easier to pin apps and you can now use apps that aren’t from the official Marketplace. Complete list of changes below.

  • Support for custom accents (have to enter the colour code manually)
  • Optimization and bug fixes
  • Easier to pin applications
  • Able to use applications from other markets (e.g France)
  • Able to save the XAP to deploy manually (makes things easier)

[via Windows Phone Hacker]

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