LTE HTC Windows Phone Coming to AT&T in Early 2012

BGR has some juicy news about HTC, AT&T, and LTE. Pretty good list of initials, right? Apparently HTC is going to be attacking the smartphone world with a different approach in 2012. They will be relatively quiet in the beginning of 2012, and have a slower release cycle all around for the rest of the year. However that approach is likely aimed more towards their Android handsets.

In regards to Windows Phone there is a giant looming. According to BGR HTC is working on a Titan-like 4.7″ LTE Windows Phone for AT&T. This beast is tentatively set for a February 5th release date, but we would expect that to change before then. We don’t know any more specific specs, but we expect them to be top notch. Perhaps HTC even starts using Beats Audio in their Windows Phones? We will likely find out more about this one at CES. Stay tuned.

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