Nokia Still Unsure About a Tablet Launch, Says Elop

If you were looking forward to a Windows 8 tablet launch within 2012, then you won’t be looking at Nokia to be the first on the market. CEO Stephen Elop confirmed in an interview Sunday that the company “does not have an exact plan” for a tablet launch, but that it is watching the market carefully.

Rumors have been flying concerning Nokia offering a Windows 8 tablet as early as June 2012, but Elop seems to have cooled these considerably with the statement that reassures investors that the company is focusing solely on handsets for now. Elop also assuaged rumors that the company would be moving its headquarters from Espoo, Finland in the interview.

“There’s no doubt about that. As long as I’m chief executive, the main office is in Espoo. Nokia has so much talent here in Finland. Also the key product development units and leaders are here.”

Despite Nokia’s reluctance to enter the tablet market, do you think we’ll see a WP7/W8 tablet before the end of 2012? Would you be interested in such a device?

[via TheNextWeb]

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