Doodle Grub Hits the Marketplace, Brings Snake into the 21st Century

We all know and love Snake, that classic game most everyone has played in some variation. There are certainly many snake games in the Marketplace, but none quite as detailed as Doodle Grub.

The game puts you in the role of a grub who is trying to grow by eating apples. You control the grubs movement with the accelerometer. As you eat apples your grub gets longer and longer. After a while enemy bugs will appear and try to eat you. If a bug touches your body it will shorten your body, if a bug touches your head the game is over. There are power ups that will give you spikes so you can take out the enemy bugs. Doodle Grub also comes with 11 different themes for the playing environment.

Doodle Grub has a free trial version and a $1.99 paid version.


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