‘My ContactTile’ Makes Sharing Your Info Even Easier

We’ve all been the situation one time or another where someone asks for your contact info. With smartphones being so widely adopted better ways of sharing are being invented. One of the easiest ways is using a QR code. With My ContactTile you can tuck all your information into a nice little QR code and then pin it to your start screen. But that’s just the beginning of the functionality.

  • Uses standard vCard format, so most QR scanners on any mobile phone should recognize the info and allow adding it to the contacts
  • Support adding and pinning multiple contact infos that you can type in or get directly from your phone contacts
  • The tile background color can be customized as well as the tile back text to differentiate between different contact tiles
  • The QR tile opens to a full size contact QR in case there were troubles scanning the QR from start screen
  • The QR can be saved to the phone picture library to be shared in any other ways

My ContactTile is free and available for download now. Give it a try!


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