Need a Wikipedia App? Look No Further Than MyEncyclopedia

If you find yourself having to reference Wikipedia on a daily basis like I do, then having an app on your phone that makes the process that much easier is a godsend. Rudy Huyn is behind MyEncyclopedia and true enthusiasts will recognize him as the developer behind Fuse and TVShow as well. The excellent design of those apps is mirrored in MyEncyclopedia for a truly WP7 experience for Wikipedia users.

The app features a quick way to share articles via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, or even generating a QR code for other users to scan should they want to read the same article. Another neat feature is the use of GPS to show Wikipedia entries for things in your surrounding area. The full feature list includes:

  • Search in 100 languages
  • Offline mode to view article without internet connection
  • Display the summary of the article
  • Find your favorite articles
  • View previous versions of article

For those interested, you can find the app available for free and ad-free in the marketplace by clicking here.

[via WPCentral]

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