Windows Phone App Preview: Radio Controlled (Pandora)

Pandora apps for Windows Phone are like mystical creatures. A few have popped up in the Marketplace, but then they disappear again. Unfortunately Pandora is mum on the subject of an official app, so we’re on our own to make a replacement. The awesome dev community has come through for us once again with “Radio Controlled.” This is a third party Pandora app that will satisfy even the most avid Pandora users.

Radio Controlled has been submitted to the Marketplace and will be available for everyone very soon. The version we used in this preview is nearly identical to what will be available in the Marketplace.

The image to the left shows the ‘now playing’ screen that you will see most of the time. The album art acts as a live tile. It flips to show more song info like artist and album, and slides down to show the name of the song. Tapping the album art will take you to a screen with more info and buying options. Under the song info is row of five album covers that show the two previous songs, current song, and two upcoming songs. Last but not least is the controls across the bottom for play/pause, skip, stations, and about.

Creating stations works just like you’d expect. You can search for artists or songs and then choose a title for the station. The search works great and I had no trouble finding what I was looking for. You can’t edit or delete already existing stations.

Radio Controlled plays in the background like any music app should. You can play/pause, and skip from anywhere with the Zune controls. The live tile  flips to show album art and song title. These are the extra details that make this app great.

When Radio Controlled is available for everyone it will be a must have app for Pandora users. This is a very well designed and fully function app that has more polish than some official Pandora apps. Radio Controlled will be ad supported and free. Keep it locked here to find out when it’s live in the Marketplace.

More screenshots below: