Fresh App Spotlight: Qwiki

Fresh App Spotlight is a segment where we find an app that has been published in the Marketplace in the last 24 hours, lay out the pros and cons, and then let you know if it’s the next big thing. We’re always looking for new apps and this is a good way to share our discoveries.

Browsing the New section in the Marketplace I discovered an app called “Qwiki.” The icon of a light bulb is what first caught my eye. As the name suggests Qwiki is a Wikipedia app. Unlike some other Wikipedia apps Qwiki pulls the article apart into the sections you would find on the Wikipedia website.

The UI is very Metro with big font and lots of images. The background on an article page shows a nice big image related to the topic. On an article page the sections are shown in an outline style. Clicking the title of a section opens and closes the section. You can swipe to the right to see pictures from the article and related topics. The home page of the Qwiki is a search box, and you can swipe to the right to see your search history.

Pros: The app is very fast. The articles are laid out in an easy to read format, and the sections are easy to navigate. The use of related images in the UI is very attractive and nice. Navigating the UI is very smooth and fast. The whole app is very polished and clean.

Cons: Some of the HTML tags in the articles are showing. This also makes it so links in articles don’t work.

Verdict: This is a high quality app that has a lot of polish for a first version. If you’re looking for a Wikipedia app this one can definitely stack up with the competition. Qwiki is totally free and worth a download.

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