Nokia & Microsoft in talks with RIM

Just a few days ago we covered news that an investment firm wants RIM to adopt WP7 as its official operating system. There may be some credibility to this advice, since the Wall Street Journal is now claiming that Microsoft and Nokia have considered making a joint bid for the failing handset maker. While there are no impending announcements of any such deal taking place, all three companies regularly meet to discuss industry news and possible partnerships.

According to the WSJ, CCE Jim Balsillie is not up for taking any serious bids for the company until RIM can test its new OS. If the OS does not do well when released in 2012, then RIM could possibly consider a sale to another company. This news seems to mean that RIM will be staying the course with BlackBerry and making sure the ship is fully sunk before seeking assistance elsewhere. By the time the company is in dire enough straits to consider a sell-out, no other company may want them.

[via WPCentral]



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