This CES Will Be Microsoft’s Last “Major Appearance”

According to AllThingsD Microsoft will be pulling out of CES after the show in January. Their keynote this year will be more about wrapping-up the year and less about news. This really isn’t surprising considering that most of the major players have started throwing their own events. VP Frank Shaw of Microsoft says that CES doesn’t align with their product news milestones. They will continue to show stuff at their own events like MIX and BUILD.¬†Shaw says that this is not a complete abandonment of CES, but just scaling back.

This is not to say that CES will be without a Windows Phone presence. manufacturers like Nokia and HTC will still be showing new hardware, and we expect Windows Phone to have a very strong showing. But we can’t help but wonder if trade shows are going to be a thing of the past. As more and more companies start throwing their own events the floors of CES may get empty.

[via The Verge]

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