Windows Phone TellMe and Apple’s Siri Duke it Out on Video

Siri is all the rave for iPhone fans, but did you know Windows Phone already has something similar built in? TellMe is Windows Phone’s built in voice recognition software that is activated by holding down the Windows button. You can perform many of the commands that your iPhone buddies can do with Siri. But which is better? A YouTube user compared the two in a fair matchup to see which reigns supreme. Below is the list of commands he said to TellMe and Siri. He did the commands simultaneously so both devices heard the exact same thing.


✔ TellMe understands and shows the temperature and 5 day forecast in Bing.

Siri needs a second try to understand the command, but then shows the temperature and 7 day forecast.

“What is the weather like tomorrow in New York?”

TellMe does a Bing web search.

✔ Siri shows the temperature for tomorrow and 7 day forecast for New York.

“Weather in London”

✔ TellMe gives the current weather in London on the second try.

✔ Siri gives the 7 day forecast for London.

“Images for Budapest”

TellMe does a Bing search.

Siri does a Google search after hearing the command the second time.

“Open Facebook”

✔ TellMe opens the Facebook app.

Siri can’t do anything with Facebook.

“Set up a meeting tomorrow at 10am.”

TellMe does a Bing search.

✔ Siri adds a meeting to the calendar at 10am tomorrow.

“Text John Smith”

✔ TellMe guides you through the process, no buttons required.

Siri takes several attempts, but eventually works correctly.

“Pizza in New York”

✔ They both show almost identical information.

He closes out the video with some fun questions like “who’s your daddy?” but this is where Siri has been programmed to understand more phrases. After tallying up the scores from the test phrases TellMe executed 5 correctly and Siri executed 4 correctly. Siri is definitely more for natural speaking commands, but in a test like this they both work well.

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