[DEV] Microsoft Releases ‘WPDev Feedback’ App to the Marketplace

Developers are often the unsung heroes of a platforms success, so naturally Microsoft wants to make sure the devs for Windows Phone are happy. They’ve released a new app to the Marketplace specifically for developers called WPDev Feedback. As you may have guessed from the name this app is for making it easy for developers to send Microsoft feedback. The app will be personally read by the Microsoft Windows Phone application platform. Here’s the full app description with all the gritty details.

The WPDev Feedback app allows you to provide feedback and make your voice heard to the teams building the Windows Phone application platform. Suggestions provided via the WPDev UserVoice forum and this app will be reviewed and read by the Windows Phone application platform team, providing feedback to help with planning ideas and to better understand how developers are using the WP development platform, and all suggestions will be considered.

Key Features:
– This tool connects your Windows Phone to the WPDev UserVoice forum (http://wpdev.uservoice.com)
– Suggest new application platform capabilities and features
– Browse current suggestions (sortable by top ideas, hot ideas, new ideas, and your ideas)
– Comment on submitted suggestions
– Add up to three votes to suggestions

Important Notes:
– List items (and item rankings) represent community interest in features, and does not represent an actual priority list for the product team
– Suggestions made using this app will be moderated if they do not actually represent a feature request

Marketplace Link

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