MetroRadio (Pandora) Back in the Marketplace

Last week the popular Pandora player MetroRadio was removed from the Marketplace. Speculation suggested that this was Pandora’s doing, but in reality the dev was just fixing some things. MetroRadio is back in action today with some nice additions.

  • Auto login added.
  • Fixed issue with starting a station while another one is already playing.
  • Fixed issue with login.
  • Added more search results.
  • Added “Now Playing” station.
  • Changed the way the app gets its music.
  • Faster loading.
  • UI improvements.
  • Removed the 20 songs limitation.
  • Added Pin to start for stations.

If MetroRadio isn’t your cup of tea check out our early look at “Radio Controlled,” which should be hitting the Marketplace any day now. MetroRadio is free and can be downloaded below.


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