One Week Later – Switching from Android to Windows Phone

A week ago I wrote about my first impressions with Windows Phone after nearly two years of devout Android usage. Be sure to check it out before reading this one.

In the last week I have used my shiny new HTC Trophy as my primary device, and I’ve only touched my old Android phone a couple times. For the most part I can really understand why Windows Phone has such high customer satisfaction. I knew a lot about Android before I had an Android phone, but there was still a learning curve. With Windows Phone everything seems so natural.

I love that the start screen doesn’t suck my time away. It’s almost like having the notification shade in Android pulled down all the time. I unlock my phone, scan the live tiles, and move on with life. Some people call it too simple and bland, but I enjoy the minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love customizing my phone, but sometimes it gets a little exhausting to have control over everything.

Apps have not been a problem. It took me a while to catch on that the “Try” button for a lot of apps in the Marketplace is the equivalent to an ad supported version. After I realized that I’ve been able to find a lot more free games to play. Really the hardest app to find has been a decent Twitter app. Birdsong was good but it never seemed to show mentions on the live tile. I’m trying Mehdoh right now and it seems better.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on Bing. In a nutshell I don’t mind it at all. I think the Bing search app is actually extremely nice. It is so handy to have QR scanning, music recognition, voice search, text scanning, local scout, and much more all right there in one place. No one is more surprised than me at how enjoyable Bing has been.

Since I’ve sang the praises of Windows Phone it’s time to talk about some of the things I don’t like. First of all why are there not any decent Google apps out there? How do they plan on luring people away from Android with such crappy Google services support? Get on that Ballmer, I need my Gchat. In that same vein is Gmail sync. I find that if I don’t hit refresh after reading a new email on my phone it will still be unread on my computer. My last gripe is notifications. While I like live tiles for notifications it can get a little difficult if you have a lot of apps sending out notifications. You have to keep all of them on the start screen or you’re going to miss something.

Honestly this week has not been difficult at all. Windows Phone has been a joy to use. This is really the best time to be getting into Windows Phone. CES and 2012 are going to be huge for this operating system which makes me very excited for the future. I’m looking forward to many more weeks with Windows Phone.

P.S. Someone port Tiny Tower over to Windows Phone stat!

  • Great review. Thanks for the update! Just so you know, Ballmer and company don’t have much influence on the availability of Google applications for the phone. You need to go talk to the folks in Mountainview and tell them to get off their butts. Personally, I think they’ve held off on developing for WP7 because it would provide validation that it’s a viable platform.

  • Oh I know, I just like to pick on Ballmer. ;)

  • Lilwan11

    Gchat is now easy with IM+. Used it last night with no problems at all. It also has beep and that is fantastic!