Pandora App ‘Radio Controlled’ Now in the Marketplace

Earlier this week we had an early preview of a Pandora app called “Radio Controlled,” and today it is finally available for everyone in the Marketplace. Radio Controlled is a full featured Pandora app that integrates with the Zune player. You get album art, upcoming song list, ability to create stations, and links to Zune and Amazon to purchase music. This version is nearly identical to the one we tested on Monday; you can check out our in-depth preview right here. This is a great Pandora player that will only get better as the dev add features.

Radio Controlled is a client for the Pandora streaming music service. Radio Controlled lets you:
• Login to your Pandora account
• Retrieves all your stations
• Stream music in the background
• Switch stations
• See the currently playing song as well as songs that have played and upcoming songs
• Pause and skip playback
• Create new stations
• Browse to detailed album and artist information on Zune, Pandora and Amazon
New features will be added on a regular basis.

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