So Why Did Microsoft Really Pull Out of CES?

Yesterday we reported that the 2012 CES event will be the last that Microsoft participates in. More details have surfaced surrounding Microsoft’s exodus and they’re surprisingly less dramatic than you would think. According to The Verge, CEA wanted Microsoft to sign on for a three-year deal but Microsoft declined and signed a one year contract, which means 2012 would be their last year.

Apparently after this development, CEA was eager to play the field to see which other vendors would be interested in giving the lead keynote address and if Microsoft wanted to continue to enjoy that honor, they would have had to cough up more cash. Microsoft felt as though the return on the investment wasn’t enough to continue holding its prime spot at CES.

Despite the news, the breakup seems to be amicable as both companies weren’t getting what they wanted out of the deal so they stepped away from the table with no hard feelings.


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