Avatar Awards for Xbox LIVE Coming to WP7

In its next stage of integrating platforms, Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 7 Xbox LIVE games will feature avatar awards for gamers. Gamers can play games available on the WP7 platform to unlock new items for their Xbox 360, PC, and WP7 avatar.

The first game that will support the feature is entitled Chickens Can’t Fly and will be made available on the platform in Q1 2012. There’s no word on what avatar items will be available from the game, or whether it’s a single item or multiples, but considering past avatar awards from other games it will likely be themed toward Chickens Can’t Fly.

The schedule is by no means concrete, but this level of integration just goes to show that Microsoft is working tirelessly to bring a uniform experience to all of its devices.

[via ElectronicTheatre]

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