Get out your pipe and magnifying glass, is this the Nokia Lumia 900?

The Nokia Lumia 900 just can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. What you’re looking at is an image of some suspected new colors for the Lumia 800. At first glance it seems there is nothing out of the ordinary here, but some eagle eyes at WMPoweruser think otherwise. They bring up a few good points that might make this the Lumia 900. It’s time to do your best Sherlock Holmes impression and take a look at the clues.

  • The capacitive buttons are smaller and further apart suggesting a larger device.
  • There is a circular area towards the top that looks like a camera.
  • The camera button on the side is much higher than on the Lumia 800.

Elementary? Maybe not, but certainly food for thought. If this truly is the Lumia 900 we’ll likely see it again at CES.

UPDATE: I took the alleged Lumia 900 from the image above and matched its proportions to a Lumia 800. I highlighted some of the differences. What do you think?

  • Dave

    OR they’re just artist’s renders showing off colors and not too worried about perfection

  • That’s very possible.

  • Most likely a 3D phone for advertisment. It is my job and I always have this kind of small change. No need to masturbate further than this…