Unlock Your Samsung Windows Phone for Free Without Chevron Labs

You might remember last week when Windows Phone Hacker tweeted about some way of unlocking Windows Phones without Chevron Labs. Today he has published a couple posts about his progress and what you can do with it. We have to agree with WPH on his quest to find a free way of unlocking Windows Phone devices. It’s nice that Microsoft works with Chevron, but in the spirit of jailbreaking it really should be free.

So far WPH has got interlop unlocking working on Samsung devices. It’s called “WindowBreak” and the process is really quite easy. Full directions can be found right here. Only do this if you are 1) not already unlocked by Chevron, AppHub, custom ROM, and 2) using a Samsung device.

Windows Phone Hacker explains the whole project best. Please read this before performing anything with WindowBreak.

What is it: It’s a project to bring jailbreaking to Windows Phone devices. That is, a dev unlock or interop unlock without needing Chevron Labs, AppHub, or a custom ROM.

What it isn’t: A special “full unlock”, a “free jailbreak”, or whatever else these rumors have been saying.

Do you need it? If you have a Samsung device and want to interop unlock it, head on over to http://windowsphonehacker.com/windowbreak on your mobile browser. It’ll take care of the rest. If your device is already unlocked with AppHub, Chevron Labs, etc., your device does not need it, and you won’t receive much benefit from using it.

What this means:

This means that there’s still some hope for free (as in libre) jailbreaking, and that we’ve made the details of this publicly available for other developers to find further uses for this. With that in mind, watch the video for a demonstration, and head over to the link below for details.

[via Windows Phone Hacker]

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