I.C.E. Manager Puts All Your Emergency Info in One Place

Since the introduction of cell phones and digital contact books one thing we’ve always been told to do is add a contact called “I.C.E.” with emergency contact information. This is so if you get into some sort of accident and someone finds you they can open your phone and find someone to call. Now with smartphones it’s a little more difficult for a stranger to unlock your phone and find your I.C.E.

That’s where I.C.E. Manager comes in. The app allows you to store multiple contacts, pick from contacts in your phone book, find your location and approximate address, and display your name and blood group. In order for this information to be found easily it’s best to pin the app to the start screen. Unfortuneately the app costs $1.29, which is a little disappointing for something that everyone should have. Hopefully you never need it.

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