Another Mystery Nokia Windows Phone Pops Up in Video?

We’ve been tracking the Nokia Windows Phone sightings very cloesly and the Lumia 900 has been a hot device. In a recent video by UK Microsoft it may have been spotted once again. The video is about setting up Hotmail in three easy steps, but the real point of interest is the phone the lady is using.

When she’s scrolling through her list of apps you can clearly see some of the Nokia apps. It’s unlikely Microsoft would use an unlocked device with sideloaded apps installed for a video, so chances are the phone is made by Nokia. The interesting part is this device looks much larger than the Lumia 900. When the camera zooms out you can see it actually looks quite massive in her hands. It’s hard to believe even someone with tiny hands could make the Lumia 800 look that big. The Lumia 900 is said to be larger than the Lumia 800. Is this the 900?

What do you think?

[via PocketNow]

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