Keep Track of Your Receipts Digitally by Using Lemon

If you’re looking for a better way to keep track of all your receipts than stuffing them in a shoebox, then Lemon is the app for you. Lemon is a multi-platform app that lets you take photos of all your receipts. The service then scans these receipts and uploads them to your account with the relevant information available in searchable text form, so you can instantly see where your money is going. The online interface is also easy to navigate so you can quickly browse your receipts from your computer.

Lemon is available for free initially and provides a conservative amount of scans per month, but if you find yourself using it more and more often, then you might want to invest in the $12.99 a month service that will allow you to scan unlimited receipts. The free service is great for scanning those big ticket items you don’t want to lose like electronic purchases, while the unlimited paid service is great for businesses.

You already carry your phone with you everywhere, so why not use it to organize your financial life? You can download Lemon from the Marketplace here.

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