Leaked Road Map Shows Release Time for Windows Phone Tango and Apollo

We know the next version of Windows Phone is coming soon, and we know the version after that is supposed to be incredible. We even know their names, Tango and Apollo. But when are we going to see them released? A leaked roadmap provided by WMPoweruser has given us the answer.

Windows Phone Tango is set to be released in Q2 of 2012. We’ve heard that Tango will be for mid-range devices to compete with the bargain Android phones. This roadmap seems to support that with the line “products with the best prices.”

Apollo on the other had is all about putting Windows Phone right up there with the big dogs. Dual-core support, LTE, and bigger screen size support are all said to be included. The roadmap lists Apollo for Q4 of 2012. Features listed are “increase overall volume, competitive superphones, and business.”

Bring it on!

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