Rumor: Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to AT&T Only, Not Verizon

Cover your eyes, Verizon customers, this rumor isn’t pretty. WMPoweruser has received a tip that says the Lumia 900 is going to be revealed at CES for AT&T. Unfortenately that’s the only carrier that will be receiving the device. We had heard earlier that Verizon was also going to get the Lumia 900, but the tipster says no CDMA networks will be getting it.

Remember, this is just a rumor. Take all the information above with a grain of salt.

  • Mr. Furious

    This is incredibly disappointing if true. I’m a Sprint customer and I’ve been considering jumping ship for a few months because I’m so tired of being last to get a good WP device. If Verizon doesn’t get it, then there is virtually no hope of Sprint getting it. Considering how poor AT&T’s customer service is, I don’t really want to switch. Sigh.