Mom Performs Accidental Christmas Miracle and Sways Son Away from iPhone

This is a nice little story that’s been passing around the interwebs today. Nothing really news worthy here, but it’s a fun little story from a mom over at the Momster Blog.

Christina Tynan-Wood tells the story about how her son was dead set on getting an iPhone for Christmas this year. He was so determined to get one that he made it the one and only thing on his Christmas list. Christina and her husband were just about to cave in and get him one when she received a Samsung Focus Flash from Microsoft. One day her son started playing with the Focus Flash and suddenly had a change of heart. He took Christina aside and said “I don’t want an iPhone, I want one like that.”

This just goes to show that Windows Phone does have some attractiveness to young people. Could there be a shift starting that has kids asking for Windows Phones instead of iPhone? We certainly hope so.

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