VIEW ALL THE MEMES With Meme Viewer for Windows Phone


“Memes” have become the backbone of internet culture. If you’ve ever heard of Scumbag Steve, Good Guy Greg, Forever Alone, Awkward Penguin, and Insanity Wolf you know what I’m talking about. If not, well, this might not be the app for you.

Meme Viewer has one very specific and obvious feature. It allows you to view memes ALL the memes. From “Annoying Childhood Friend” to “Unhelpful High School Teacher” this app has you covered. To be able to see all the content you’ll first have to agree to the terms of service and enable online content in the settings. Then you’ll have all the memes at your fingertips. The app is divided into Featured, Popular, Random, Search, and Popular Categories. You can swipe between them in the normal Metro way of doing things. When viewing a meme you can save it, share it via SMS or email, and see more like it.

Meme Viewer is free from the Marketplace.

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