HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel Coming Early 2012 With LTE

The next generation of Windows Phones is starting to come out of the woodwork. We’ve been hearing a lot about Nokia’s 2012 offerings, but what about other players like HTC and Samsung? The Verge has heard from people familiar with Microsoft’s plans that both HTC and Samsung are preparing LTE equipped devices for 2012.

Both devices will be running pre-Tango versions of Windows Phone that includes special LTE support. HTC’s offering is codenamed the Radiant, but not much else is known besides that. Samsung’s device is called the Mandel (no relation to Howie) and will sport a larger screen.

There is no word on which carriers will be recieving these devices, but LTE means it’s either AT&T or Verizon. With the Nokia Lumia 900 also on the horizon it’s looking like these two carriers are going to be getting some beastly Windows Phone devices.

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