Nokia Ace Launching on AT&T With LTE in March, Lumia 710 to Verizon in April

We just heard about HTC and Samsung’s LTE offerings for 2012 and now it’s Nokia’s turn. The Nokia Ace has already been rumored for AT&T and Verizon, but later we found out only AT&T would be getting this device. Now we can say that with more certainty based off information from The Verge. As already stated the Nokia Ace will be an LTE enabled device. It will be launching on AT&T on March 18th 2012. We’ll get our first look at the Ace (as well as the HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel) at CES in a couple weeks.

Verizon is also mentioned with all this new information, but their news is a bit disappointing. Verizon will be getting the non-LTE Nokia Lumia 710 in April. This is the same mid-range device that will be arriving on T-Mobile on January 11th. This is definitely not the news Verizon customers were looking for. It seems like AT&T is making the big LTE Windows Phone push while Verizon stands by and sits on Android.

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