[Rumor] Verizon Rejects LTE Windows Phones

Bad news for those of you on Verizon and looking to upgrade to a new WP7 device. According to a rumor over on WMPowerUser, the Nokia 900 LTE was pitched to Verizon, but the carrier decided the phone was not for their network. In fact, Verizon has turned down all of the high end Windows Phones available, focusing instead on the iPhone and Android devices, with a smattering of BlackBerry.

The anonymous tipster who spoke to WMPowerUser speculated that Verizon may be on board with Apollo/Windows Phone 8 handsets that are scheduled to debut in the fall, but we’re not so sure that’ll be an option given Verizon’s track record in serving its consumes with Windows handsets.

I find it odd that Verizon would completely snub these phones that are slowly but surely gaining marketshare, yet they continue to stock BlackBerry devices that no one in their right mind would want. BlackBerry’s current offerings are tepid at best and with their new handsets not scheduled to be out until fall of 2012, the decision to remain dedicated to the iPhone and Android platforms seems odd.

AT&T will be stocking these phones, so if you’re off contract and looking for an LTE Windows phone, it looks like the old ball and chain might be your best bet.

  • Anonymous

    Silly Verizon. They said no to the iPhone when it first came out too. Hope Nokia and Ms gives them the worst deals when the platform takes off and they want the phones.