Windows Mobile Still Dropping Marketshare

Marketshare for Windows phones hasn’t been particularly positive and the most recent results released by Comscore seem pretty dismal indeed. Both Google and Apple gained in Marketshare, while everyone else took a hit. It’s not really remarkable to see RIM losing so much and Symbian is as good as dead. However, the fact that Microsoft took a dip is disconcerting, but you have to remember there are still some people stuck on Windows Mobile.

Data can never be taken at face value and reports across the globe from mobile providers seems to be that Windows handsets are selling, but perhaps not at the breakneck pace that Microsoft and Nokia had hoped. Whether the Tango/Apollo updates will change this remains to be seen.

[via WPCentral]

  • Anonymous

    Most people agree that sales people aren’t really making the effort to sell WP in the stores. If this is the case then MS need to tackle the problem as this seems to be the weak link in the chain.

    Fantastic OS -> Fantastic Hardware -> Good price positioning -> terrible sales people :(

  • I think one of the major problems is that the sales people generally aren’t familiar with WP7 themselves. It’s easier to push iOS or Android if that’s what you personally use.

  • Anonymous

    I actually regret the “terrible sales people” comment. You’re quite right and I think the ball is in MS’s court to deliver the right training and sales material to these sales team in order for them to give the right advice on the right product for the customer.