Windows Phone App Review: Square Off

When I first got a Windows Phone I was trying out dozens of games. Square Off is one of the few that I still pick up and play on a regular basis. The game puts you in the role of a “Square Avenger,” the creation of a crazy Professor. You have been created to save humanity from an alien race of round blobs. Your character flys around with a jetpack and wields a weapon. Along the way you pick up new weapons and power-ups to help you survive as long as possible. To “win” a level you have to make it past Round 5 by defeating the boss. However you can keep playing after that for as long as you can survive.

The Good

This game is extremely addictive. Your progress in a level isn’t saved so every time you die you have to start from scratch. This is annoying sometimes, but it ultimately drives you to play over and over again. The look, sounds, and feel of the game is at a very high level. The artwork is very cartoony, but in a good way. The levels are all unique and offer different advantages to winning. Power-up crates will appear in the same spots so it’s very easy to remember where to go if you need some extra help. The extra guns you can collect by destroying enemy ships are extremely helpful and all have unique advantages. The aliens make a very satisfying sound when you shot them.

The Bad

The controls can be hard to use. The left side of the screen is for movement; the right side is for aiming your weapon. The controls can be free floating, floating, or fixed. I found the easiest to be floating. In the free version of Square Off the ads get in the way a lot. Luckily the game will pick up right where you left off if you click an ad.


If you’re looking for a fun shooter to pass the time Square Off is one of the best. The game has a very professional feel and high production value. Even after beating every level there is still more to play, which makes this game fun for a long time. Square Off comes in free and $1.29 flavors. Try it out today!

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