MehDoh Twitter App No Longer in Development

Bad news for those of you who rely on Mehdoh for your Twitter needs. Developer Chris Field has been on the fence about the app, tweeting that he no longer enjoyed its development before he closed his Twitter account. He soon rescinded his opinion and released the 1.9 update, scheduled to go live in a few hours (if it’s not already). However, Chris is ceasing development on the app effective immediately.

The app will be pulled from the Marketplace soon. For those that do have it, it will continue to work until Twitter changes any APIs. This is the reasoning listed on the Mehdoh website:

“Due to various reasons, at the start of December we took the decision to close our App Hub Windows Phone development account with Microsoft. Since then the request has been going through the various departments, and via GeoTrust (who digitally sign the application). It now looks like that process is coming to an end.

This will mean that Mehdoh will eventually be disappearing (unfortunately for good this time) from the Marketplace. You may be aware that we recently submitted 1.9 for certification… we are seeking clarification if this will make it to the marketplace or not.

We believe that removing the application from the marketplace is best for users in the long run, as it means they will not end up downloading an application that is no longer under development, or being supported. For everyone who uses Mehdoh, and especially those that bought it, we thank you greatly for your support – You will still have a fully functional application to use and enjoy. Also a big thank you to everyone else who has supported Mehdoh, even when they don’t actually use it themselves!”

[via WPCentral]



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