Chevron Labs Sells Off Remaining Tokens, Project Temporarily on Hold

There aren’t many options for unlocking your Windows Phone device. You can pay $99 a year to be in Microsoft’s developer program or pay $9 to unlock it with Chevron Labs. The latter was the obvious choice for many people, but that option may be on hold for a while. Over the weekend Chevron Labs sold off its remaining tokens (1 token = 1 unlock) and is currently discussing whether they want to restock more tokens. Microsoft’s agreement with Chevron was to sell 10,000 tokens. Chevron is currently discussing amongst themselves if they want to approach Microsoft for more tokens.

If you really need to unlock your Windows Phone, but don’t want to pay $99 a year there are two options to check out. The DFT Freedom ROMs or The WindowBreak Project are worth looking into.

[via The Verge]

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