“Ask Ziggy” Tries to be Siri for Windows Phone

One of the most popular features of the new iPhone 4S is the voice recognition software called Siri. With Siri users can ask about weather conditions, create alarms, schedule meetings, and perform other various tasks. Needless to say this has gotten people on other platforms a little jealous. Windows Phone comes with voice recongnition software called TellMe, but it lacks the personality of Siri.

Ask Ziggy brings a little of that personality over to Windows Phone. The app is based off the Nuance technology for voice recognition, but the developer has a lot of his own work inside too. The app does all the things you would expect. It can call, email, and text contacts. Update Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter. Fetch the weather, stocks, and flight status’. You can even ask Ziggy math questions. The best part is it actually works. Ask Ziggy is not a gimmick.

Ask Ziggy is free from the Marketplace. It should be receiving an update soon to match the screenshots above.

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