Indie Game Developer Shares Lessons Learned in 2011

Developer Elbert Perez has put the wraps on 2011 by sharing his earnings and a few lessons he learned as an indie developer for Windows Phone. In 2011 Ebert gained independence and started his own business as a game developer. He has created such games as Armored Drive, Quadra, and Impossible Shoota. As a new indie developer with over a dozen games in the Marketplace Ebert has learned a lot in the past year.

  1. Better marketing is just as important as better game development. I already knew that marketing your game is important before 2011, but 2011 proved that you have to aggressively market your game using different kinds of techniques like cross promotions, running ad campaigns on the web and on the phone (using ad duplex), blogging, and twitter.
  2. It is hard to predict if a game will be a hit on the marketplace. I have 6 out of 14 games that are under performing. Although I would say half of those were experiments to gauge how that particular genre fairs on the marketplace. I have Armored Drive and Air Dagger, which are content heavy games do really well with daily active users. I also have 6 highly repetitive and simple games that are doing well.
  3. Having a cash cow that can sustain your other games so you can be free to experiment and fail without actually failing. For me the cash cow are my games with the most users playing and a high combination of ecpms (Armored Drive, Nom Nom worm, and Impossible Shoota). Being a indie game developer you need to make fun and truly worth while games to succeed. Keep reading…

Ebert continues with several more lessons on his website. If you’re a new indie developer or thinking about starting you¬†definitely¬†want to keep reading. To check out all of Elbert’s games head over to his page in the Marketplace. Here’s to 2012 being even better!

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