Unofficial Klout App Now in the Marketplace

Last week we told you about an unofficial app for Klout that was coming soon to the Marketplace. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for as it has finally been published. Klout is a website that ranks how much influence you have online by tracking your usage of social networks. It takes a number of things into consideration, such as followers, retweets, likes, etc, and calculates your “Klout.”

From last week:

Julien Dollon recognized the importance of having Klout access on the go, which is why he created this amazing little app that will allow you to view all of your stats, as well as keep track of how well you’re doing through a live tile. The app is completely free and was put together in only six hours. Additional features of the Klout app include:

  • See and Share your klout score with 2 theme (black/light)
  • Auto update your klout score in the tile each day
  • See your favorite topics and ask for +K
  • See influencers and influencees

Klout is free from the Marketplace.

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