Web Picture Viewer Now Available

If you follow photography or other image blogs, Web Picture Viewer might be of interest of you. The app allows you to view images from websites you specify, while updating up to four live tiles with these images intermittently. Other features of the app include:

  • Create up to 4 Live Tiles with images from your favourite websites. Latest pictures from your favourite sites will automatically updated in every half an hour or so.
  • Search images using Bing. See the search images results as a slide show. Share or save the images.
  • IE buddy, the app has a built in browser and you can view the images from any webpage in the pivot pages attached to the browser.
  • IE buddy supports password protected sites. Configure once and all images from these sites can be viewed or downloaded.
  • IE buddy very is useful for visiting thumbnail sites. You can navigate up to two levels deep. View the extracted images as a slide show or navigate one by one.
  • IE buddy images can be saved or shared.
  • You can configure the app to use only Wi-Fi data or cellular data or both.
  • You can create favourites sites so you don’t have to type websites address each time you use the app.
  • Next version will support auto scrolling of images so that big images can be viewed in actual size without touching the screen

If you’re interested in giving Web Picture Viewer a whirl, there is a free trial available. The full app costs $0.99.

[via WMPowerUser]

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