Nokia and Microsoft to Spend $200 Million on Marketing in the U.S.

Paul Thurrott is at it again with more inside information about Microsoft. Just a couple hours ago we heard that AT&T, Nokia, and Microsoft would be spending $100 million on marketing for the Lumia 900 (Ace). But Paul has revealed that that number is actually closer to $200 million. A big part of that is a $10-15 per device incentive for retail staff.

The incentive for the retail staff is perhaps the biggest story here. Ever since Windows Phone devices have been on the market there have been reports of retail workers aiming customers away from Windows Phone. An incentive would make retail workers take notice of the Windows Phone devices and try to sell a few more of them. If Microsoft can just get these devices in a few more hands the word will start to spread.

[via WMPoweruser]

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