Nokia Lumia 900 Said to be AT&T’s “Hero” Device, Receive $100 Million Marketing Campaign

The Nokia Lumia 900 may be the most anticipated device in Windows Phone’s short history. It’s got everything users have been asking for: bigger screen, high end specs, and LTE. But will it get the attention it deserves when it finally launches? According to BetaNews the Lumia 900 will be getting the attention it deserves and more.

BetaNews claims that AT&T, Nokia, and Microsoft have put together a $100 million marketing effort to push the Lumia 900. This would put the Lumia 900 at “hero” status for AT&T which means it will be getting a majority of the attention. This is what we need from a Windows Phone. Too many great devices have been ignored by carriers and in turn have had abysmal sales. Hopefully this marketing push will get more Windows Phones in peoples hands.

[via BetaNews]

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