Radio Controlled (Pandora) Releases Version 1.2 Beta, New UI and Included

There is a nice little battle going on in the Marketplace between two Pandora apps: MetroRadio and Radio Controlled. Both are exceptional apps, and probably better than Pandora could do themselves. The developer of Radio Controlled has just notified us of a new beta update for the app that adds some nice new features.

The UI has been revamped to use the single page panorama style that is seen throughout Metro UI. Now instead of navigating between pages by tapping buttons you can swipe left to right. From left to right you have Now Playing, Stations, and two pages for History. support has also been added. You can sign in by visiting the Settings page and entering your credentials. The developer tells us there are a few bugs in the scrobbling, but this is a beta after all. We’ve been using the app for a few minutes and it’s very good for a beta. I haven’t tried signing into, but the new UI is very smooth. Look forward to these features coming to the official app in the future.

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